Online Casino Slots Games

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Online Casino Slots Games have been with us for over 100 years. Since the first “heavyweight” slot machine was introduced to world in the late 19th century there have been many developments, the biggest of these being the online slots phenomenom.

Online Casino Slots Games

Looking around on the “net” you will discover thousands and thousands of casino slot games. Some sites even let you play just for fun in their Free Slots area, however this is not so much fun as you do not win any money (or lose money for that matter) and the slot games offered are of a lower quality.

The best online casino slots games will be found within best online casinos that are available for free download. But which casino do you download? And once you’ve downloaded the casino software to your computer which slot game do you choose to play? All these answers you will find right here.

The world of online slots offers a huge variety, first choose your casino by looking at our Top 10 List and then download the software for free. In the slots area of the casino you will find Video Poker, Single Line Slots, Multi Line Slots, Video Slots and what is termed as Progressive Jackpot Slots.

Video Poker

Video Poker is a casino game based on the standard 5 card poker draw. Once you’ve paid your money you are dealt 5 cards and you then have the opportunity to swap 1 or more cards if required. Once the draw is complete the machine will evaluate your hand and make a payout according to the pay table. Normally a pair of Jacks is the minimum hand for a win.

Single Line Slots

Most single line slot casino games have 3 spin reels. You pay your money and hit spin. There is one pay line and you collect winnings according to the symbols that appear on the pay line. There will be a pay table to show you what symbol combinations will pay.

Multi Line Slots

Multi Line Slots offer a wider and more fun variety of payouts. There will be several paylines across the playing reels and you can bet on each payline. This obviously increases your stake but offers more ways of winning. Multi Line Slots are the slot of choice for many people as the rewards can be greater.

Video Slots

Video Slots are very similar to the standard “spin reel” slots however they generally have 5 reels that use video technology for advanced graphical appearance. There are generally multi pay lines and many bonus games to provide a greater user experience. Scatter symbols, multipliers and wild cards add to the excitement.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Casinos have introduced “Progressive Jackpots” to gain further interest and also provide chances of huge payouts. With each bet made a payment is made into the progressive jackpot fund, sometimes casinos will link machines and other casinos into the progressive jackpot fund to make it even bigger. You still have the standard machine payouts available but there is a chance to take the big prize with the right combination of symbols.

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