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What to Consider When Buying a Water Pump

Without a doubt, owning a water pump can give you plenty of benefits in various situations. Maybe it floods a lot in your area and you need a submersible pump to help with the cleanup process, or you just moved to a house with a swimming pool that clearly needs its water. Perhaps you have to pump up water from a borehole to supply your daily water needs.

Regardless of your reasons for buying a water pump, it’s important to know your specific requirements so you end up buying the correct one.

GPM Discharge Capacity

To know how fast and powerful the equipment is in pumping water., check its GPM Discharge Capacity. Indicated as gallons per minute, it is basically how fast water arrives at the discharge point from origin. If you need to move water fast, you should get a water pump with a high discharge capacity.

Vertical Suction Lift

This gives you the vertical distance between the pump and the source of water. If you’re buying a water pump to drain water from a pond or basement, check the vertical suction lift and ensure that its sufficiency for your planned use.

Maximum Head Lift

This is what tells you the pump’s total height from source to discharge point. It also indicates how powerful the pump is and how far water can travel for your application.

Type of Water Pump

Water pumps come in various types – self-priming, submersible, water-boosting, and the rest – and you should clearly understand the job you need to do to know which type is right for you. Research each type so won’t have to waste your money on the wrong equipment.


Besides knowing the various types of water pumps, you should also take your time deciding where to purchase the equipment. Remember that your benefits from owning a water pump will depend largely on the quality in which it comes. And concerns about quality are always intertwined with customer satisfaction.

There are tons of places that sell water pumps these days, so enjoy the freedom of comparing them instead of buying the first one that seems to fit your needs. Besides, you’ll never know which one of your options is indeed the best for you. Even so, don’t obsess about the prices. As a consumer, you should be aware that so many other issues have to be taken into account. As with all other things you spend on, aim for the best value for your cash. Truth is, if something is priced too low compared to the market value, you can trust that there will be a catch somewhere, and it sure won’t be worth finding out.

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